Union City is one of the most diverse cities in California, comprised of many different cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious groups who live together in peace and are tolerant of one another. A unique feature of our small-knit community is that we are unified through our diversity, and our community shares a commitment to our core values of safety, tolerance, and caring.

These core values would not be possible without the support of our residents, and we are thankful for the unyielding strength and compassion of the people in our city. We urge our community to continue to demonstrate compassion, caring, and the commitment to peace that makes Union City a safe place to live.

Our community is represented by a diverse City Council who work to set direction for the City with a focus on inclusion, community health and public safety. This ensures that all of our residents have access to a high quality of life and feel safe in our homes, schools, businesses, and public spaces.

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